Indians ripped apart NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan for lying on Gujarat election! Do you know what she said?

Nothing is left to praise this anchor for…NDTVS Nidhi Razdan is irresponsible and is always in top alleged of biased Journalism. By now everyone is quite familiar with the deplorable reporting standards on NDTV. We have repeatedly exposed NDTV for their false and propaganda based news reports. NDTV’s anchor Nidhi Razdan too is a professional when it comes to lying.

Here indication came that BJP is surging towards victory in Gujarat.This hint is not given by BJP but the very own agents of Congress party. Yes, the journalists who passionately hate PM Modi have now revealed that PM Modi’s BJP will be the winner in Gujarat. Whenever Congress has lost the elections, EVMs were blamed saying that it was tampered with. The same drama has been started once again by the journalists in the state of Gujarat.

Thus; here my friend Rohit Bhan is reporting that 70 EVMs have malfunctioned in Surat alone. Will the Election Commission of India answer why there are such a large number of malfunctions?So as per this reputed journalist, EVMs were malfunctioning and PM Modi’s BJP is directly behind this act.

This was the first tweet aspect which is filled: Technical glitches do happen and this was soon rectified.Secondly, only 7 EVMs were not working properly but Nidhi Razdan lied that 70 EVMs weren’t working fine. Even the election commission has issued clarification saying that only 7-8 EVMs were not working fine.

Here is the statement given by Chief Election Commissioner!!!

“There are 24,000 polling booths in Gujarat. The problem has occurred in seven or eight booths. We have a number of EVMs in reserve. Concerned officials are keeping continuous check,said Chief Election Commissioner Achal Kumar Joti. What was hilariously is that this statement was recorded by NDTV; obiviously not Nidhi Razdan.

Gujarat Congress’ Shaktisinh Gohil said EVMs in Dalit dominant areas not functioning!!!

This Congress leader came up with a bizzarre logic which was far from reality. He said “Why is it that EVMs in polling booths especially dominated by Dalit communities are malfunctioning. And if they are not working those should be replaced immediately. One machine here was replaced after one and a half hours, sometime later that too started giving troubles”.Twitterati did their every bit to expose this journalist named Nidhi Razdan. Had it been happened in the non-BJP ruled state, what would have been the stand of Nidhi Razdan?

NDTV will advise BJP agitators the above statemen If EVM malfunctions in WB or Punjab!!! Said a Twitterati…

Not ending here only as another tweet exposed the hypocrisy of Nidhi Razdan!!!

She not only ignored her journalistic values by favoring a particular political party but also lied blatantly.

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