LATEST HILARIOUS VIDEO : Rahul gandhi’s vision for Gujarat will make you ROFL

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who is set to take over the reins of the country’s oldest party on December 16, spoke on a wide range of issues on Wednesday which included his plans for Gujarat’s development and BJP’s ‘vision-less’ campaign and its ‘failure’ in tackling corruption.

We all know about the mental stability of Rahul Gandhi and he has proved it time and again. Rahul Gandhi, after becoming the president of Indian National Congress has started giving interviews all over again. Before that he gave his last interview on Times Now and he gave it to Arnab Goswami. That was a legendary interview and no one can forget that. Harsha Bhogle tweeted about that interview and he wrote, “There were questions and there were answers, it’s the correlation that was missing.”

With the second phase of Gujarat elections 2017 being underway, both the main parties – the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress – are trying and hoping their best to win. While the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party is quite assured of its win, the Congress is literally trying every trick in the book to slay BJP upfront.

In an exclusive interview to the Zee Media, the Gandhi scion attacked the PM, the ruling BJP party in Gujarat over GST, which he and his party refers to as the ”Gabbar Singh Tax” and demonetisation, while also exuding confidence that his party will spring a major surprise in the state.

After fumbling a bit to find an appropriate answer, Rahul Gandhi said that Gujarat will have to come up with its own vision and that “Rahul Gandhi” will simply support it. In a bid to please the Gujaratis, he said that he has been won over by the love showered on him by the people of Gujarat so he will leave the reigns of Gujarat on the people and not impose anything whatsoever.

In these three years, Rahul Gandhi hasn’t changed much. He still keeps the same mental stability. He still answers the very same way that he did in 2014 in front of Arnab and then never came to an interview.

Even though the PR team is trying its best to revamp the image of Rahul Gandhi but the PR team can’t speak in the interviews. No matter how hard you work on Rahul Gandhi he will fail you. PR team is trying to get a new Rahul Gandhi from the same Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi 2.0 is far from existence.

However, this time around RaGa simply played his masterstroke during an interview taken by Zee News. The reporter asked the Congress President about his plans and vision for Gujarat if Congress emerges as the winner. Needless to say, he had the best reply to it.

We also have a snippet from the interview for you to know how exactly Rahul made himself the focal point of all ridicule once again:

Now have a look what people think about him:

What do you think of the interview? Do you think Gujarat will be able to be half as peaceful as it is now if RaGa is elected as the winner in the state?