NDTV Journo Says Modi Didn’t Throw Them Enough ‘Rotis’ – Story Has Taken A Twist

Sonia Singh, NDTV’s Editorial Director has been with the network for over 20 years and is currently the anchor of the daily prime time show. Now, as per a tweet written by Sonia Singh who also happens to be the wife of a senior Congress leader, the news channel had to face such a downfall due to the Indian government for NDTV isn’t getting any “official” ads for “speaking truth”.

Look down what she wrote:

Now, a social media influencer named Ashu, who goes by the username @muglikar_, filed an RTI to know about the same. According to him, he was let known that NDTV received around Rs 15 crore from the Government of India for advertisements. Yet, they took fraudulent action on ICICI Bank, which is why their office as well as the house of the NDTV chief Pranoy Roy was raided.

Beides, it was alsso revealed in the same tweet by Anshu that in contempt of taking funds from the government of India, they did not mention a single word about it on their prospectus, thereby fooling common people.

Therefore, at the end of the day, it can be seen that NDTV had been taking money from the government for advertisements and working for the opposition party by featuring stories against the central government. Needless to say, they have received just and appropriate flak from the common Indian masses by going down and down on the TRP Ratings.

With the news of NDTV media house going about on a second phase of workforce cutdown, the entire gamut of Indian media seem to be pondering on what might be the reason behind this. As per NDTV’s own report, they are now aiming at focusing on their core team – the Hindi and English news channels apart from the NDTV Convergence with the required digital teams.

NDTV is an antinational channel should be banned. Do you still belive in NDTV. Hopefully next time you might think about it before watching it.They obviously show old and fake news and never really show any positive and reassuring news. If it continues then there is no time left when NDTV will shut down for ever.