A Congress leader gets exposed by users on Twitter for his anti-India tweets!

Referring to a Congress leader named Salman Nizami, Modi said, “There is a youth Congress leader Salman Nizami who is even campaigning for Congress in Gujarat. He wrote on Twitter about Rahulji’s father and grandmother. That is alright but he also asks, ‘Modi tell me who is your Mother, who is your father?’ Such language can’t even be used for enemies,” ANI quoted him.

Don’t you think it’s high time for Congress to mend its ways and contest an election in an honest way? An opposition can also be extremely powerful and authoritative; it does not really have to tread on anti-national paths to prove its worth.

Lashing out at the Congress leader, Modi accused the party of abusing and mocking him, “I want to tell all Congress leaders who are abusing me, mocking my poor family, asking who my parents are: This nation is my everything. Every moment of my time is devoted to India and 125 crore Indians.”

Modi also claimed that Nizami supports the idea of Azad Kashmir and that he referred to the Indian army as rapists. Modi further said that Nizami had said “there will (be) an Afzal (Guru) from every home”, reported ANI.

In recent times, there have emerged a certain section of politicians who, in a bid to go against the central government and specifically PM Narendra Modi, not only side with the terrorists but also leave no stone unturned to launch verbal attack on the PM personally.

The latest Congress leader to do so is Salman Nizami. A senior Congress leader from Jammu & Kashmir Salman Nizami who is quite famous on Twitter, having around 63,000 followers. However, the reason which brought him to national notice was extremely deplorable, to say the least. He recently tweeted on the social media micro-blogging site fake news that attempted to target PM Modi’s “chaiwala” background.

According to reports, Congress had recently roped him in to campaign for the upcoming Gujarat state assembly elections to woo in the Muslim voters. Now, such a great responsibility channeled on him by the party may have signaled towards Nizami’s rising role but did he deserve it all? A few journalists and social media users tried to dig up Nizami’s past to see his credibility for such a role – and boy! Were they in for a surprise?

Here’s a glimpse of Nizami’s sinister political ideology as dug out by journalist Jagrati Shukla:

As seen here, Nizami is ardently favors Azad Kashmir, the intrinsic notion of which undermines the Indian sovereignty of India.

In fact, this “politician” has also been seen giving death threats to BJP members _

Not just Shukla but there were many others who dug up similar past statements of Nizami. Here’s what a user named @bigbongtheory found:

Here is a glimpse of another handle named @Salman_nizami, which not only had Nizami’s photograph but also shared many similarities with Nizami’s ideology, albeit more radicalized.

Soon after this expose, Nizami decided to protect his twitter account, thereby possibly preventing users from digging up other embarrassing tweets:

In fact, PM Modi, who does not entangle himself in petty politics like these, has himself highlighted the nefarious online activities of Nizami.