Rahul Gandhi Waited In Queue To Board The IndiGo Flight And People Made Same Humble Request

Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi – who is busy these days with Gujarat Assembly polls – was recently spotted waiting in the queue like a commoner to board an IndiGo flight. Of late, he has been making a lot of public appearances given how the election fever is on in the country. Welcome onboard Mr Rahul Gandhi. Have a good flight.

Indigo Airlines tweeted a picture of Gandhi carrying a black backpack with other passengers in the queue. “Welcome onboard Mr Rahul Gandhi. Have a good flight,”.

Read the Indigo Airlines’ tweet…

“Welcome onboard Mr Rahul Gandhi. Have a good flight,” read the Indigo Airlines’ tweet. The Congress vice- president’s surprising act that unfolded in the early hours of Saturday co-incided with the date of his mother, Sonia Gandhi’s birthday. Thus, the coinicdence fanned the speculations of Rahul Gandhi visiting Delhi to wish Congress president on her 71st birthday. On Friday night, Rahul had flown into Delhi from Vadodara.

If you remember not-so-long-ago, Recently Indigo airline faced trouble as IndiGo staff manhandles 53-Year-old passenger at Delhi airport for which the Airline later issued the apology. For this incident Indigo faced lots of criticism, bashing and trolls on social media. And now that Rahul Gandhi is spotted boarding on Indigo, Twitterati can’t resist them for trolling Indigo once again. Below are the tweets trolling Indigo, They all made the same joke… have a look:

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Whatever seen and said, whether Rahul Gandhi stands in a queue or waits by a snack stall for pao bhaji, he proves that he is an Indian first, just like the rest of us.

Similar incident took place last year during demonetization when Rahul Gandhi was spotted in the queue outside an ATM to withdraw money. When media asked him the reason for standing in queue like other common people, Rahul went up on saying about the trouble which common people are suffering of due to demonetization. He was quoted saying: “People are facing trouble, media and PM Modi won’t understand it, that’s why I have come here.”

As we know that elections are arriving, it’s time for politician to make public appearance and Rahul Gandhi is trying to prove his point that he is no different than common people of India. What you have to say about this move made by congress leader Rahul Gandhi?