WATCH | Rahul Gandhi Passed Chits, Needs Intervention To Answer Questions

Rahul Gandhi has recently become the president of Indian National Congress. But he has been the most powerful man of the party since 2009. In 2014 even though he was not the official president of the Party but he took the onus of the elections on his shoulders and it was in his leadership the Congress party lost the elections and got limited to just 44 seats.

In a shameful turn of events, the press conference addressed by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi saw the INC leader being passed over chits to cheat from. The news conference was held ahead of the beginning of the second phase of Gujarat elections in Ahmedabad.

Rahul Gandhi addressed a news conference in Ahmedabad on Tuesday. Republic TV reporters were not allowed during this for which Congress has not yet provided a reason.

While he took the attack to the BJP during his briefing, the Congress President seemed uncomfortable, nervous and jittery while answering questions subsequently posed to him. Over the course of the 30-minutes-long conference, Rahul Gandhi ‘ducked’ several questions too, especially those regards the Patidar quota and the Pakistan-Congress meeting.

However, the most interesting aspect of the conference was how, on three occasions, Rahul Gandhi required outside intervention to help bail him out when asked tricky questions. Twice, his party-mates had to answer on his behalf, and on another occasion, Ashok Gehlot, sitting beside him even slipped notes to him on the table. Finally, Rahul Gandhi twice tried to get up in an attempt during the Q&A in an attempt to end the press conference, finally succeeding at the third attempt.However, is yet to be seen if Congress can at all manage any seat from Ahmedabad. Here’s a video providing a glimpse of the press-meeting, where RaGa tried with all his might to cheat and answer the journalists’ questions

Watch these moments from Rahul Gandhi’s press conference in the video below.

Funny thing is that, Gandhi tried to get up in an attempt to wrap up the meet but could not manage doing so until the third time. It was quite visible that the newly-elected Congress President was absolutely unprepared for the press meeting but had to appear on pressure to have the ball on Congress’ court rather than BJP’s.

The press meet of Rahul exposes that how big an Idiot he is. First, it is an pre arranged press meet,after filtering out smart and intelligent journalists by his PIDIs. Even for the simple queries, everybody witnessed how difficult for this Idiot to answer. He is frequently seen reading the slips supplied his PIDIs sitting by his side. It exposed his idiocy fully. It is now clear that, none of his tweets are composed by him, but by his slaves in the party and published in his name. Every Indian irrespective his or her party affiliation is feeling insulted on seeing such a mentally retarded dwarf selected as the president of a major party only because of dynasty.

BJP leader Ravishankar Prasad has hit out at Rahul Gandhi saying that his whole conference was scripted and chits were being passed to the Congress president on what to say to the media. BJP blamed Rahul for coming unprepared for the conference and not doing his homework.